Home Warranty Air Conditioner Coverage Nightmare – NOT COVERED


Home Warranty Air Conditioner Coverage Service Technician

It’s a 110 Degrees Will Your Home Warranty Air Conditioner Coverage Keep You Cool?

Your air conditioner starts blowing cold air intermittently. You call the home warranty company 800 service number and they send someone out to fix it. The AC technician inspects the air conditioner and then comes back to you and says that is a burnt wire, and by the way, the coils are dirty. You would expect this to be covered under the home warranty air conditioner coverage, but surprise! Well the wire may be covered in some cases, but cleaning the coils ($75-$300 depending on your location) is considered standard maintenance and is not covered by a home warranty plan. In addition, once the AC technician reports the dirty coils, your home warranty company may tell you that the AC is now excluded from any future claims.  The reason will be a failure to perform standard maintenance on the air conditioning unit, which is required by the home warranty air conditioner coverage.


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