Home Warranty Rust Corrosion – NOT COVERED


Home Warranty Pre-Existing Rust and Corrosion Not CoveredHome warranty rust corrosion is a very common issue and that is why they are excluded in the first 30 days on most home warranty plans. Some home warranties exclude rust and corrosion all together while others have special conditions depending on the type of home warranty product.

Home Warranty Rust Corrosion Just Happens!

The odds are that you will encounter a rust or corrosion problem during your normal daily use of items in your home. Examples include the garbage disposal and water heater depending on the water quality and source.  Sediment build-up in a water heater is a completely different GOTCHA!

There is one interesting point about home warranty rust corrosion that you should know about, and that is home warranty companies will usually offer a Real Estate Home Warranty for new home buyers and another version for existing homeowners looking to purchase a home warranty.  The Real Estate Home Warranty version will be much more flexible in regards to home warranty rust corrosion and will offer additional coverages like roof coverage, not available in the existing homeowner warranty plans.

Let’s face it, some consumer’s think they can wait till a problem arises and they can be sly and purchase a home warranty.  Forget it, home warranty companies know all the tricks and have been around a long time, and they have safeguards for everything any consumer can think of and more.  One of the most NOT COVERED results is labeled Lack Of Maintenance and interesting enough, most of the conditions are pointed out in the contract!

TIP:  If you see rust or corrosion, take care of it before it become a homeowners water loss claim. It is not a condition of how a loss will happen; it is a matter of when!


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