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will home warranty replace air conditioner with home inspectionHow do I get a home warranty to replace an ac unit with bad home inspector

Some of the most common questions we see are

  • Will home warranty replace air conditioner?
  • How do I get a home warranty to replace an ac unit?
  • Does the home warranty cover mold?

and the answer is always the same, Yes, No and Maybe!

Your Home Inspection Will Make The Difference

One of the most important things you can do is get a REALLY GOOD home inspector. You can ask your realtor for a recommendation or maybe look to a local Home Inspector Association. One visitor mentioned checking out the American Society of Home Inspectors and their local associations. As of 2005 many states are now regulating home inspectors. Check online to see if your state has resources to check out your potential home inspector before you hire them.

The home inspection should take 1.5-3 hours depending on the size of the house. You also need to ask your home inspector what the recourse is if they miss something that is not covered by the home warranty company. In most cases, you will get the actual report from the home inspector company days later and if you read closely, you will see that it is full of disclaimers. Remember, having the right inspector could save you thousands later! Some home inspectors bring all the equipment necessary to actually print out their report with digital pictures right there at the home.

Home Warranty ContractTIP: Know who your home warranty company will be and give a copy of the contract to the inspector and make sure the home inspector checks carefully the areas that are excluded and the areas that would cause an item to be excluded for lack of maintenance. Be sure to read the home warranty contract and ask the inspector questions.

Will Home Warranty Replace Air Conditioner?

Make sure the home inspector checks the Air Conditioner (AC)  and Heating Unit thoroughly and most importantly the coils if possible. They should stick an electronic thermometer to each vent to ensure adequate cool air is coming out and that there are no ducting issues (leaks, collapses, or blockages – may be excluded by the home warranty plan). If the Home Inspector has any concerns, hire an AC/Heating company to come out and evaluate your air conditioner and heating system.

The home inspector should have a digital camera and give you pictures of all the code issue areas. For example, if there are exhaust fans in the attic, bad construction, wiring issues or other problem areas. This provides you documentation in areas that are hard-to-access.

When the inspector gives you his initial report, get it as detailed as possible. Ask the seller to fix or replace anything that is excluded in the home warranty or that may lead to a pre-existing condition.

For you protection, you may want to ask your realtor to ask the Seller for a C.L.U.E. report, which provides detailed insurance loss information on the home.  This is now a standard requirement of many state real estate contracts.  At the time of the sale and before the end of the inspection period, the seller is required to provide the buyer a letter of experience (no loss letter, clue report) from their insurance company describing any losses in the previous five years.  Make sure to request this and do not assume your realtor will!

Remember, if it is noted in the inspection report, it is considered a pre-existing condition unless fixed. In most cases, the home warranty company does not require an inspection report, but if an issue does come up, they may request it.  The best thing you can to protect yourself and answer the questions “Will home warranty replace air conditioner”, “How do I get a home warranty to replace an ac unit?” or  “Does the home warranty cover mold?” is never make any assumption they are covered, and pay for the best home inspector you can get, and they will potentially save you thousands of dollars, stress and frustration of the NOT COVERED response!

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