At, our goal is to educate consumers and promote the home warranty industry. Since 2003, we have been taking the NOT COVERED stories of our visitors and converting them into short GOTCHA’S stories with suggestions to help educate our visitors.  For the consumer researching home warranties, our GOTHCA’S help them ask the right questions based on the issues others have encountered and avoid the NOT COVERED call.

One visitor said, “You expose all the pitfalls that consumers normally fall into when buying a home warranty without reading the contract!”

One visitor said, “You are the cliff notes of home warranties!”

Where Do We Get Our Information?

All our information comes from Home Warranty Contracts and Home Warranty Insurance Policies that we review, but the real valuable information comes from the shared experiences of our visitors.  Make sure to share your experience with us, and we will turn it into an educational piece to share with our visitors to help them learn form your experiences.

Our Challenge To Home Warranty Companies

  • Educate the consumer through videos on the most common issues your clients face.
  • Increase the font size of contracts, as they are so hard to read.

We wish you the best and make sure to share your stories with us!