Bad Home Warranty Plans – Contractor Sucks


Bad home warranty plans plagued with bad contractors taking advantage of consumersThe old saying, “trust your gut” is still true today to avoid  We have all watched ABC’s 20/20 and Date Line where they catch these repair tech scam artists on camera. Unfortunately, there are contractors representing home warranty companies that may not be ethical in their responsibilities, so consumers end up with a negative attitude and believe they have a bad home protection plan.

So, Good or Bad Home Warranty Plans For You?

The better home warranty companies use a very thorough screening and follow-up process on the vendors they use to service their clients to avoid the negative publicity of bad home warranty plans.  One of the reasons is so popular.  Many companies through acquisition or mergers have built their own network of service companies.  Whenever contractors and quota involved, you are sure to find the good and bad.

Life Lesson: As we write this article, we just had a local air conditioning company service one of our home and office AC units, and they actually were very convincing as they describe to that we needed two new AC units.  They obviously had no idea who we were.  Of course we got a second opinion and were not shocked when they told us that the units were old but fine.  What happen next was more surprising the air condition technician told us the story of how he was on a mission to change the industry and comments about bad home warranty plans, so he actually reported the other tech to their company without even talk to us first.  He was serious about his career choice and weeding out the bad apples.

With a home warranty company, the recommendations of the air conditioner and heating service technician are what are put in the home warranty database and that is the decision the home warranty companies goes with. If you have a dispute, it is your responsibility to hire another service company to come out and give you a second opinion if you think you have a bad home warranty plan NOT COVERED decision. If your new service technician disagrees with the home warranties recommendation, you can then call the home warranty company with the results and they may cover the costs.

Bad Home Warranty Plans Encountered - Lady Surprised by the NOT COVERED decisionTIP: If you do not feel comfortable with the home warranty service technician sent out to your home (appearance, hygiene, mannerism, attitude…), we recommend calling the home warranty company and explain your position. Go into another room if you have to.

The difference between good and bad home warranty plans comes down to you knowing your rights, reading the contracts and educating your self on what to expect and what to do.  Welcome to where we empower you to become the expert!


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