Home Warranty Air Conditioner Maintenance Contract – AVOID NOT COVERED!


Home warranty air conditioner related issues are number types of complaints we receive from our visitors, and lets just say, it can be a very expensive, stressful and frustrating period when you are told NOT COVERED!  You paid big money for a home warranty with the assumption the home warranty company would do their part and cover your air conditioner (AC Unit) and Heating system, and you had no idea the home warranty company would have additional requirements, or as one visitors commented “hidden requirements in such small print you need a magnify glass to read”.

I Want My Home Warranty Air Conditioner Coverage NOW!

To solve the problem and almost NEVER have an issue, we highly recommend you find a local AC vendor and obtain an annual maintenance contract. The price for one of these contracts is usually $25-$100 per a year. Twice a year the air conditioning and heating company will come out, inspect and maintain your air conditioner, AC unit and heating system. This is a much better solution than waiting for the summer or winter months when everyone else is calling in with issues.  You will also usually get priority service in the event your air conditioner or heating system have issues.

Tip: Call the home warranty company you are considering and get a list of 2-3 of their home warranty Air Conditioner & Heating companies, interview and research each one of then and then set up an air conditioner and heating annual contract to maintain your systems.  That way you are already dealing with an approved and trusted home warranty company air conditioner vendor when you need them most.  You will find that you have set up a suite deal, and you will be getting fast service, quality service, and no NOT COVERED results on your home warranty air conditioner coverage, because they are the vendor doing the service.  Sometimes it is better to think inside the box. 🙂

What’s Your Experience With A Your Home Warranty Air Conditioner Maintenance Contract?


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