Home Warranty Garbage Disposal Death – NOT COVERED


Home Warranty Garbage Disposal CoverageYour first night in your new home, you cook dinner, go to clean up the dishes and then try the garbage disposal, and you hear a grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. and then it stops and you hear a high pitched mmmmm… because the garbage disposal has frozen.

Home Warranty Garbage Disposal Coverage About To Grind!

You say, “No problem, I will call the home warranty company and they will cover it under my home warranty garbage disposal coverage!” The next day, you call the home warranty company and they send out a plumber to fix it. The plumber proceeds to inspect the garbage disposal and then all of a sudden he comes up from under the sink with an unhappy face, and you ask “what is wrong?” He comments that the garbage disposal is frozen because of rust and it is not covered for the first 30 days on most home warranty plans. Alternatively, they may tell you that they can replace the disposal, but there is a garbage disposal wiring code issue which is common on older homes. You say what? The home warranty company may tell you that rust is excluded for the first 30 days and you should go back to your home inspection company.


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