Home Warranty Repair Prior Approval – NOT COVERED


Home Warranty Repair Claim ApprovedHome warranty repair coverage applies when you call the home warranty to handle the repair for you instead of calling a local vendor to do the repair, and then submitting the bill to the home warranty ac repair company for reimbursement.

Home Warranty RepairI Want My Home Warranty Repair Now Daddy!

So your Air Conditioner (AC Unit) is broken, it’s 110 degrees outside, and it’s Sunday afternoon,  what do you do?  Your home warranty is closed or their customer service lines are swamped and they do not answer the phone quickly, so instead of waiting, you call a local company to fix your air conditioner.  They come out, repair your air conditioner, you pay the bill and figure the home warranty repair company will reimburse you for the payment, WRONG!

There are not many exceptions where your home warranty repair company will reimburse you for a repair.  Some examples may include an elderly person living in the home or if you live in a remote area and they will not have someone available. Always make your home warranty repair service line your first call as frustrating as the hold times can be, otherwise plan for the NOT COVERED decision.

The size of the home warranty repair company contractor network should be considered at the time you are buying a  home warranty.  The size will determine how many contractors they work with and how quickly then can schedule someone to come out to your home locally or if you are in a remote area.

If you are in the market for a home warranty company, it is important to consider your critical household appliances (Air Conditioner, Heater, Water Heather, Refrigerator…), the temperature where you live, and how remote you are as all these factors are import in determining the right home warranty company for you.   You will find there there are national home warranty companies and even local ones right in your area.  Each have their pro and cons.

TIP:  Call the home warranty company service line on the weekend and see how long it takes for them to answer.  Read their contract carefully where it talks about if you are in a remote area, what your options are if they are unable to get you service quickly, or if you have an elderly person living in the home where there could be a health concern.  Sometimes it is worth paying more to get the right home warranty repair company for your situation.


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